What is Networks
in Health

A highly effective channel to engage doctors across
the globe.

Networks in Health is an international alliance of more
than 20 online physician networks and communities,
with a reach of over 4 million doctors worldwide
(over 750,000 doctors in Europe)

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What we offer

Networks in Health offers a simple and efficient way to engage doctors of all specialties across the globe, with measurable impact and return on investment.

  • An effective way to reach doctors through authenticated and trusted online physician networks and communities throughout the world
  • Precise targeting of doctors by specialty, seniority and location
  • Local relevance and compliance - local partners work with local brand teams to ensure programmes are relevant and compliant
  • Consistency and efficiency - programmes are managed centrally to maximize efficiency and provide regional and global brand teams with complete control
  • Fast turnaround of campaigns
  • Measurable outcomes through detailed, real-time reporting of activity, impact and ROI

Networks in Health provides organisations with a range of services, to reach and engage target groups of doctors with clinically relevant information.

  • Advertising services - display, newsletter and email marketing
  • Promotional programmes - a range of services to promote your brand, product or service
  • Branded content - including disease awareness programmes, case studies, guideline reviews and clinical paper summaries
  • Educational programmes (arms-length & accredited)
  • Conference Highlights (independently authored)


Networks in Health is supported by medeConnect, an independent market research and insight partner, with unrivalled understanding of medical professionals worldwide. Through medeConnect, Networks in Health is able to offer "community-based research" - an alternative to traditional panel-based research - and can offer a range of new, digitally based qualitative and quantitative methodologies for gathering insight from these communities.